The Dragon

Up he stood, looking far over field
The night grew chill, but never would he yield
His gaze passed long, over hill and over dale
Over plains and stars, and mountains pale
And spied he a flicker of red afar
Shimmering and waving, as if a star

The dragon of legend, the hunter of night
The doom of heroes, creator of fright

Turn he did, to gather his sword
His shield of silver, mark of a lord
Into the saddle, raising his lance
His stallion, mighty, beginning to prance
His feet secure, and lance did lock
His charge begun, his shield to block

The drak of fire, observing the threat
Turned towering wings, black as jet
And down it came, for it's prize
Fresh cooked meat, it did espy
Teeth of iron, claws of steel
Breath of fire, death to feel

The knight of valor, raised his lance
His stirrups tight, holding his stance
And down and down, the drake did come
Red, black, and fire... fearful of none

Up came the shield, bright as day
Keeping the red hellfires at bay
The burning flame, heat like the sun
He held fast it's torrent, he did not run

And his lance held true, finding a wing
Dropping the beast, for the poets to sing
The world tumbled, the ground did quake
The mighty earth crumbled, in it's terrible wake

Slowly his eyes, turned to his horse
Torn and broken, by the monstrous force
His shield burning, his lance shattered
The field aflame, but it did not matter

For in front of him, on scorched grass
The dragon stirred, it's life not past
It lifted it's head, teeth dripping flame
With it's wing scored deep, ever lame