The Dragon (cont)

The knight held steel, to stop the rampage
As the beast came forth, dreadful it's rage
Claws of iron met sword of might
And sparks of silver, drove back the night

Then teeth of fire, met a burning shield
And his arm was broken, but never did yield
Lifting his blade, striking his mark
An eye of the beast, abruptly went dark

Back and forth, the battle did rave
Driving each one, nearer the grave
The man was slashed, the dragon bled
But both fought on, a fury of red

The drake came in, it's claws did snap
The lord went on, evading the trap
The destroyer struck, it's mouth of fire
The knight beset, the awful pyre

And the man went down, he did not rise
The thing came forth, to take it's prize
But the sword flew forth, a mighty cast
The heart of terror, went down at last

Then all went still, both foes lie dead
Of the knight of valor, great honor be said
The beast of night, silent it's shout
It's claws broken, it's heart cut out

The cold of night, moves swiftly in
Killing all sound, with fates mad grin