Hell's Door

He looked with smoldering eyes
Pierced they through the night of lies

And before the dark red door of hell
The bell loudly intoned its dell

The leader a fighter of reknown
His sword of honor, never a frown

The mage young and powerful and strong
Blue shield of magic covered him long

The lady of light, her eyes they shone
Her mace and healing hands did hone

The thief of short stature was he
A halfling bred who would normally flee

The dark haired fighter strong and yet new
His shield and armor of a polished hew

And last the archer in forest green
His brow of yew, with its wooden sheen

The leader held up his arm, a shining gem
To intone the door and light descend

He touched the gem onto the door
But mad howls, the darkness bore

His companions backed off and so did he
As the crimson hound before them see

Its muzzle blood and dripping sore
With three heads and maggets gore

It lept and drove forth low
To the archer who drew back his bow

And three heads snapped as one
Severing bow, hand, and life was done

But the brave of heart did charge
Swords and flames and whitelight hard

Struck the beast from each good friend
Each member left did their best to rend

And the thing struck again with grief
Chopping bone of the halfling thief