Hell's Door (cont)

And yet the flames of the mage sire
Burned its flesh and crinkled mire

Heat intense and bloody red field
Its teeth came down but hit a shield

And blue light magic arched
A wizards protective spark

The healer of light did lay her palm
To the howling thief, a healing calm

Swords of might came forth and slashed
But the leaders snapped within the bash

And the beast turned with evil intent
Claws struck out and maws did rent

Its saw sharp rows his throat cut pain
A bloodied mess, but died not in vain

His companions returned light, blades, and fire
And one maw shut, dead eyes no more dire

Three of the party stood steadfast still
As the dread beast howled, its hate not filled

And the doors of hell began to open
The howling fire begun yet unspoken

The hound of hell jumped in rage
Tore at the blue shield of the mage

His fire and lightning tore the fur
Scorched the flesh of the horrible cur

A shashing mace, and blade so fast
Brought an end to the beast at last

Falling back and the door swung wide
And yet no enemy came forth to die

The three fell back and surveyed the dead
The dieing and wounded to the beast been fed

And the lady of light, her healing touch
Stopped the bleeding removed pain as such

The leader was dead, to ribbons torn
The halfling awake, his wounds heavy and warn