The White Lady
The phone rang loudly. It was 10:30 at night and I looked at the clock wondering who could be calling this late. It was my brother-in-law Joe. He apologized for calling so late. He asked me if I wanted to go for a drive to a haunted graveyard. I sighed. Joe was always trying to get me to go see scary things. He knew I was interested in them, but didnít actively pursue them. I said I would go. He said that he would pick me up in a half an hour! I said why tonight? Itís a new moon and the ghost is only seen after midnight. I laughed.
A half-hour later Joe picked me up. He had a video camera on the seat. We drove up route 25 in Connecticut to a small town called Monroe. He told me the story as he had heard it. It seemed that people had seen a ghostly woman after midnight in the graveyard next to an old church. One time, and the most famous, two men were driving a truck down the road in front of the graveyard and a woman dressed in white stepped in front of the car. They ran her over, as the driver slammed on the brakes. They both got out and looked under the car and behind it, but no trace of anything or anyone. Locals called her The White Lady, because she always appeared dressed in white.

Finally we arrived at the graveyard. At this point it was very dark and there was no one around. We parked across the street from the entrance and I found that my brave companion was reluctant to get out of the car. I took the camera myself and walked to the graveyard and down the middle of it. I didnít see any white lady. Perhaps if I had seen something, my nerve wouldnít have been as strong as it was. I went back to the car and finally Joe got out and we both walked into the graveyard. We still didnít see anything, but we did notice some strange flickering of lights above the trees behind the graveyard. It was like a constant lightning, or heat lightning, but it never stopped. Kind of strange since we had never seen anything like this before. We thought that perhaps it was streetlights behind the graveyard, but we drove around and found that behind the graveyard is nothing but woods for a good long way. Eventually we left and watched the tape the next day, looking for something we may not have noticed the day before, but we found nothing.

Many months went by. Joe called me again on dark moonless night. He asked if I wanted to go check out the graveyard again. It seems someone had actually video taped The White Lady. He had seen the video. She was seen above the tombstones, and was being hit from the side by what looked like black balls. He said that he found that this tape had been made at another graveyard only about five miles from the one we visited. It seems The White Lady had been seen at this graveyard also, in Easton, just up the road. I said ok, lets check it out again. My wife decided to come with us this time. I brought along my tape recorder, but the video camera would not work, so we left it at home.

We went to the same graveyard we went to before. I got out of the car with my tape player, but no one would come with me again. So I shrugged my shoulders and entered the graveyard with the tape player running. I saw nothing ghostly, except for the police car that followed me into the graveyard. He asked what I was doing there. I told him I was looking for ghosts. He said there had been some vandalism to some of the tombstones, so they were keeping people out of the graveyard at night. He said that only one group of ghost hunters was allowed access and only at specified times. I said I would leave. I got in the car and remembered my tape recorder. Good thing the cop was nice to me, I had the whole conversation on tape.

Well since the night was still young, we decided to take a chance and check out the other graveyard. We drove there and it is much more foreboding then the first one. We pulled up to it, but even I didnít want to get out and walk into this one. There were no lights, no walkway into the pitch-black graveyard. I turned on the tape recorder and we opened the windows. We saw another car pulling into the graveyard. It drove towards us, and drove past. My wife said that the driver had a skeleton face. I couldnít confirm this because I didnít look at the driverís face. The car then turned and drove down the main road, but before it went down the dark road, all the lights went off on the car. It was very strange.

As we talked about this, there was suddenly a loud bang on the side door next to Joe. It sounded like someone had either kicked the door really hard, or a large rock had been thrown against it. It made all of us jump. Joe said he could even feel the knock right through the door. At first thought my wife had made the noise, but she said she didnít do anything. I got out and checked the car. There was no damage to the door, and no rocks in sight. We were all a little freaked out and we left the graveyard. When I got home I played back the tape, and sure enough the loud knock came out crystal clear on the tape. There was no one around the car in the dead of night in a haunted graveyard. It seems that the spirits were playing with our fears and with us.