The Lost Town
She said, ‘Have you ever heard of Owlsville, Connecticut?’
‘No I haven’t. Where is it located’, I answered?
It was then she laughed. ‘Oh you won’t find it on any map, the town is gone as far as towns go. You have to walk through the woods to even get to the place. No roads lead to it anymore. All that is left of the buildings are old broken foundations. The wood has crumbled into dust. Legend says that it the town was founded long ago, but one of its prominent citizens did business in Africa. Had done some evil things and many people were hurt and some killed by his amoral business practices. Supposedly a local witch doctor put a curse on the man and his family. When the man returned home to America and Owlsville, people started dying in strange ways. There were strange accidents in the town and some people were hurt badly. People began coming down with sudden illnesses and dying also. Some people just went mad. Eventually even the man died from some unknown cause. The town became deserted in a few years time. Those who didn’t die moved away and left their homes.’

‘Of course as any good legend, the story goes on. Many years after the town became deserted, a man and his new bride decided to build a home in the area. The man traveled a lot and was away for a month or so. When he returned he found his wife a raving lunatic. She was committed and they were the last ones to live in the town.’

‘Well I’ll be going there with my friend next week if you want to go.’
I declined the invitation. I would not be home around that time so I couldn’t go.

I did talk to her about a month later though. It seemed she had a very strange time in the Connecticut woods.  ‘We drove the car in as far as we could get’, she said. ‘The road was a dirt road and it just ended before a path that leads to the town. We got out of the car and began walking down the path. We had gotten about thirty feet away from the car when suddenly we heard the car door slam shut. We turned around and went back and found the car doors were still locked. It was real weird, but since it had taken use awhile just to find the place, we decided to continue on. I was talking to my friend as we walked down the path. We were talking about the local history and then suddenly I realized she was no longer walking with me. I turned around and found her lying flat on her back on the path. She had the wind knocked out of her. She said that she felt something pull her feet out from under her. She was very scared, so we went back to the car and left.’
‘Wow’, I said. ‘That is very weird.’
‘Yes it sure was, and frightening. She also told me a story about a local scout troop had camped out in the woods near the town, and were awakened during the night by strange lights and noises in the woods. Needless to say they didn’t stay the rest of the night.’

I didn’t hear much about Owlsville for many years. Another friend of mine was trying to get me to camp out there on Halloween night, but he always found reasons not to when it came down to it. A co-worker told me he had gone there once and had taken pictures during the day. He said that against one tree he took a picture of a strange shape in the side of the tree that looked like an African face, like one you would see carved into wood and imported from Africa. He said they left when they heard something roar in the bushes near one of the foundations. He said it sounded like a lion’s roar.

To this day I still have not visited Owlsville, but eventually I will. It is supposed to be one of the most haunted places in New England.