The Exorcism
There are few defining moments in life. When your mind tries to guard you from the unknown, but ones heart rings true with compassion. This story is of one such time. It was the spring of ’96. I was part of a spiritual group in my home, which met periodically. My wife, came in contact with a man who all of his life suffered from a malignant spirit which plagued him constantly. It distanced him from loved ones, from religion, from friends. It never left him. He remembered times when he was very young as an infant it would move the blinds in his room up and down when his parents left the room. It would curse in his ear when in church. When he became close to someone, it would tell him that something bad would happen to that person if he stayed with them, and usually it did. He had always been a very psychic person, with well-developed intuition. But darkness covered him and drained him and never let him grow.
When I was told of this, I made an offer to help him. Regardless of any danger to me, I felt great compassion for his dilemma. My wife agreed, and a few days later he came to our house. He said he could feel that the thing did not want to be there. Was already cursing in his ear when we tried to talk to him. I tried my best to explain what we were going to do, albeit knowing that neither of us had ever done anything like this before.  The plan was that my wife would channel one of her spirit guides who we call ‘The Protector’, who had once gotten rid of some spirits that were giving us nightmares. I would balance and heal and give my energy to what would become a battle. I sat next to him on the couch and began a short healing to help him relax, since he could not, himself speak any complete prayers of protection. The wife went into the other room. As I was doing this, his breathing became heavier and his body began to tremble and cringe away from my healing palms. ‘Where is she?’ I thought. Just as the wife returned and saw my problem. She sat down on his right side and quickly connected with her guide, who came through immediately.
‘The Protector’ had arrived. As I myself called upon Lord Michael for his help, the female guide came through and the man moved as far away from her as he could. I gently, but firmly pushed him back towards her. By this time the energy in the room was palatable. The guide grabbed his arm and began dragging the thing from him. He face was consumed in pain and his body shook uncontrollably and loathing at the touch. Several times an unholy laugh issued from his lips, sounding nothing like the man. The exorcism took place for about a half-hour, and ended for me with a vision in my mind of Lord Michael cutting off its head in combat. It fled from his body and the guide could feel it near the front door and picking up some spirit pictures of Lord Jesus and Mother Mary, forced it out the front door. The man collapsed and the energy slowly subsided. 
He came around and we were all astounded by what had occurred. He described his right side of his body as feeling as if he had a large wound in it. As if the creature had been so tied to him, that the removal of it created a hole in his energy field. We talked and discussed what had happened. Suddenly there came a knock on the front door. It being around 11 P.M., this was kind of strange and we all looked at each other. I shrugged and answered the door. Two teenage girls informed me that the car in front of the house, the lights inside it were on. I thanked them for the information and they left. The man had parked his car in front of the house. We walked outside while he shook his head in disbelief. He said he had turned off his lights and he had. They were still in the off position, but were on. And they wouldn’t turn off. We ended up pulling one of the fuses so his battery wouldn’t die on him. A parting gift from something sinister, perhaps.
After some more healing and a night’s rest, he felt like a new person. His psychic ability took off, being held in check those many years. The very next day he went to church with his mom and for the first time in his life was able to stay there. He no longer heard the curses. He knew it was still there, trying to influence him, but it had lost much of its energy and he had regained much of his own. With prayers of protection, he was able to keep it away from him from then on.