The Dark Guest
Publicly, we hear in the media and from many sources how there are people who practice black magic and meddle in the dark arts. Seldom do we come in contact with one who claims to have done this, or in fact led such a group for many years. I had been working at a company for about a year. During that time I had met and become friends with a few spiritual people who had similar interests. One of these and a good friend was called John M. John M overflowed with wisdom. When talking of esoteric things he blossomed and shone, and his focus was always intense. His meditations were so powerful that he could not meditate while his kids were sleeping because the increased energy in the house would wake them up. John M, my wife, and my mom, had a meditation group that met at my house BI-monthly. We meditated for world peace and did healing for those in need. About this time, John M introduced me to another employee who worked there who was named John K. Soon after I met John K, he told us his story. He was half American Indian. When he was about the age of 10, a relative introduced him to satanic arts. He excelled at it and eventually grew to lead a group of people who did unspeakable things in the name of personal power over others. His arms were covered in satanic tattoos. He said that eventually he tired of the group and left. He was now in his mid twenties and said he was pursuing his Indian heritage. He also said that he was being bothered by dreams of something black that visited him and took him over at times. At first I was concerned and wished to help him. But soon when I didnít get good vibes from him I knew he was lying when I talked with him. I had once had a best friend who was a compulsive liar. I felt the same feelings I had felt when he told me stories as when John K told of his experiences. Be that as it may, my offer of help still stood.
About a week before he came to one of our group meetings, messages came to both my wife and I, in dreams. In my own dream, which was really a nightmare, I was near an old building. Nothing was growing on the ground and no sound could be heard. It was hot. I walked into the building and through it to an old garden in an outside courtyard. As I walked through the dead bushes and shrubs that were brown and decayed, I could feel fleas jumping on my legs and crawling up them from the ground. As I began to brush them off, they crawled up my arms and I woke up started and very much shaken. I told my wife and found that she had a nightmare that night also. This was a Saturday morning and that night my mom came to visit and we did some spiritual channeling to find out about the nightmares, which were unusual for us. We were told by one of my wifeís guides that these dreams were sent to us by a malignant spirit who was trying to work on us psychically.  We subsequently got rid of the thing through cleansing and protection.
The second thing that happened was that the night before the meeting, my wife had a dream, in which she met John K at our front door. She didnít feel right about him so she didnít invite him in. He asked for me. She said I was in the backyard and pointed to the fence. He wasnít wearing a shirt. He then went over to the fence and instead of opening it, turned into a large snake and crawled under the fence. She then saw me in the backyard as John K bit me in snake form. Needless to say, both of these experiences did not leave us with comfortable feelings.
Later that week, John M drove with John K to our house. He had tried to get there the week before but had said that his girlfriend had gotten very ill and they had to turn back. When he met my wife, they both recognized each other from the dream the night before. Strange since they had never met each other. They didnít discuss the dream except to say they had met at the front door. We did some healing on him, but we felt great resistance from John K and nothing manifested or happened. John K tried to talk about what he had done when he was in the satanic group. That at the age of 15 he was leading the group and the ugly things they were doing. We asked him not to speak of it as we could feel the energy in the room dropping. He grew angry when you tried to talk with him and seemed to try his hardest to disrupt the group. Once they had left, we felt very drained. I felt that he had been making up the story of something bothering him to try and infiltrate the group and disrupt what good we were doing. I also felt that if something was bothering John K he didnít wish to be rid of it. It seemed his ego fed on whatever this thing did to him and he got off on manipulating people. I saw this more and more in the coming weeks as John M was drawn into his fantastical stories, that when he told them I knew he was lying, but couldnít prove it.  John M however was being drained from him. I warned John M of this and my mistrust of John K. I felt that even if he no longer practiced the dark arts, he still fed off of peoples energies. I had another nightmare that week and decided to do something about this myself.  In deep meditation, I created a thought form that would guard over me and defend me. If someone tried to send a nasty thought form or spell against me, or even a nightmare, it would turn the sending back upon the person who sent it. I put much energy into this and instructed it, calling upon the Lords of Karma to carry out the justice of sending it back, if something was sent against me. I then forgot about this. Nothing much happened, except that John K soon after became very ill. A few months later I left the company, but still stayed in touch with John M. He would tell me about John K even though I didnít really want to know. He explained how he thought he was dying. That he might leave the world in a few months. Doctors couldnít really find anything wrong with him and his health was just getting worse. Later that day as I drove home from work, it suddenly dawned on me that he may very well have sent something nasty in thought form against me and it had been turned back upon him. I decided that even if karma was involved, I would forgive the attack if that is what it was. I knew that the Law of Grace, which is forgiveness, overrides the Law of Karma. Plus I didnít want to have anything to do with the premature termination of anyoneís incarnation. I dissipated my thought form and sent healing to him, releasing him from what had been sent back at him. I put a lot of thought and energy into this. Not much else happened, but six months later I talked with John M again. It seemed that John K was no longer sick. He was doing fine now and showed no more symptoms from what had ailed him for the past year.