The Assault
It was Halloween morning, a cold and dreary day. My then wife and I both woke up with headaches. As slowly our day began, we decided to stay in and relax. As we had slept quite late, it was lunchtime before we knew it, so I offered to go out and get some food and aspirin. We were out of aspirin, so had nothing to treat the headaches with. I was gone about an hour or so.
Upon returning to the house, I found the wife hysterical. She said that as soon as I left the house, her headache got ten times worse. It was so bad that she couldn't sit still, she had to continually move around. She was crying and pulling on her hair. Now she had never had anything like a migraine before, neither of us had. At first I figured that this was what she was experiencing. I said I would try to do some healing on her, but she couldn’t stop moving, so I had trouble keeping my concentration. She tried to go to sleep then felt nauseous. This went on for about a half-hour while I tried my best to help her.
I had a strange feeling that I was missing something. I then remembered that it was Halloween. Legends said that on all hallows eve, the spirit world was closer to the physical world and could affect us. It also seemed strange that a normal headache went from bad to worse as soon as I left. You see, at the time, I was very much into psychic protection and I had protected the house with my energy. Perhaps once my influence was gone, it was easier for her to be affected by bad spirits. Most of this was speculation, but I had to do something to help.
I decided that healing was not working. So what I did was a mind ritual called 'clearing and sealing'. It is used to clear out of the house all spirits. You begin by getting into a meditative state and within your mind filling the house with smoke. Then you close off each window and door with white light, so that none of the smoke can escape. When I got to the last window, I forced all the smoke out the window. Then I said in a loud mental voice, 'Any spirits in this house, get out now!' Then I closed and sealed the last window and filled the house with white light. As soon as I finished doing this, she said that she felt a little better. She lay down on the bed and was fast asleep in two minutes. About an hour later she awoke from her nap, her headache completely gone.
When I asked her how she had felt later, she said, 'It felt like someone was torturing me, like they were trying to drive me crazy with pain. I have never felt so much unbearable pain before. It was like my head was going to explode. Then suddenly I felt a little better, so I lay down and went to sleep. '
I then described to her what I had done, and we both agreed that it was weird that it had ended when I cleared the home. Also the fact that it was Halloween day just added to the strangeness of the whole event.