Spiritual Protection Part 2
House Hauntings:
To remove something that is negative from a house, there is a technique called Clear and Seal: Coat all the walls in your house with the white light, and then seal each window and outside doorway, one at a time, with the white light. Leave one window unsealed. Then fill the house with the white light slowly, pushing everything in the house out that one window. You may also want to command it to leave with a loud and strong, all business, 'Get out NOW!í Then seal the last windows shut with the white light.
This is not to say it will clear out of the house long standing spirits who may have either died there, or been invited in by a previous occupant. For this you may have to call on a higher power to help you, or a trained professional. Another method is to leave a trail of salt in a circle around the home, and yet another one is to walk through the home burning a sage stick.

Evil spirits live off fear. You actually radiate a certain energy when you show fear, and these things feed off of it. If you can overcome the fear (which they are trying to influence you into feeling) you have won half of the battle.

The Challenge:
As soon as you have established a contact with spirit, it is most important that you challenge it. It must answer truthfully, so an evil one will usually not answer the question, or beat around the bush. A good one will answer immediately. A simple challenge can be, 'Do you serve the powers of goodness.' 'Are you here to serve us in our highest good.' Or you can use something similar to the examples. If the answer is not an immediate 'Yes', tell the spirit to go away and mean it. If it still lingers, call on a higher power to remove it from your presence. If it still persists, break the connection for now and try it again some other time. I have heard of another way of challenging, which is to imagine the spirit you are talking with standing before you. Reach up and remove its face as if it were a mask. What you see beneath will show you the truth of what you are talking to, be it benign or malignant.

Is anyone out there?
The one thing that attracts people to spirit communication is curiosity. But don't allow this to make you take leave of your good senses. Just as you would not allow just anyone into your house, or into your car; you should begin all contacts by asking for a higher power to talk to you first. Be specific and ask for the individual by name. Don't just open yourself and ask for anyone to talk to you. You will invite in things that you might not want.

Are you really?
Even if you have done all these things and are talking to a higher power, it is important to still challenge it, just to make sure. Spirits can make themselves appear as any type of spirit. What you see is not always what you are getting and the challenge can help you know for sure.

Final Note:
Protection as in all things in life, you get better at it as you practice it. Even more so, the more you protect yourself, the more it will always surround you, at all times and in all situations. Think of it as a thing that you create with your own mind. The more thought you put into it, the more it will grow and serve you.

I gave John some simple instructions on how to protect himself. Having nothing to lose, he began using them that night before he went to sleep. About a month later I saw John again and asked him how things were going. He said that he was sleeping normally now and hadnít had any problems since.