Spiritual Protection Part 1
‘I haven’t been able to sleep’, John exclaimed, somewhat as at loss. ‘I keep waking up during the night and feel that I’m not alone in the bedroom. I turn on the lights and no one is there, and yet I still feel a presence. Eventually I fall back to sleep. When I do eventually wake up in the morning, I feel dead tired, as if I haven’t slept at all,’ He wrung his hands in worry. ‘This has been going on since I moved into the new apartment.’

I listened to his story and thought that there must be someway to help him. It certainly sounded like the apartment was haunted, and that something was turning his life upside down. I wondered to myself why it shouldn’t be more widely known how someone can protect themselves from the spirit world.

One of the simplest and most important things about connecting with the spirit world in any form is protection. Too many times the media or stories tend to overlook the importance of this. Sure they will tell you not to mess around with any spirit tools (Ouija Boards, Seances, Channeling, etc.) and not to go to haunted places, etc. The claim is that something detrimental may happen to you because according to the media, something bad always happens when people experiment with these tools. What is always left out of these stories is way to use these tools responsibly, and without fear.

Similar to the old legend of how a vampire cannot enter your home unless he is first invited, the spirit world is very much the same. Spirits must in all things respect your initial free will; they must be invited first. This is not just evil spirits, but good spirits also. If you do not ask for protection from guides or guardian angels, the protection they can provide you may only be superficial. To have real protection, you must first call on it; ask for it in your heart. Once you have asked for protection, it makes it that much harder for anything evil to bother you.

Forms of Protection:
White Light or Christ Light:
The easiest form of protection is picturing in your mind, a cloudy ball of white light surrounding your body. This tells the universe that you are opening up your own protection and enhancing your own powers and abilities. In actuality it enhances part of your aura (magnetic energy field that surrounds all things), the part that controls protection and defense. For more advanced cases, you can surround your house with this light, your car, or your instrument of spirit communication. If something evil is around you or talking in your head, a great way to get rid of it is to fill yourself with the white light. This will force it to leave. 

Calling on Higher Powers:
Asking for help opens doorways to higher light and allows them to interfere with anything evil that bothers you. A few good examples are God, The Christ, ArchAngel Michael (known as the protector), and other angels, your personal guardian angel, saints, or even your higher self or god connection. This will provide you the needed protection in all instances.

A Prayer for Protection:
'The light of God surround me, the love of God enfold me. The power of God watches over me. Wherever I AM, God is, and all is well.'
You can also say the Lord's Prayer, The 23rd Psalm or any other protection type prayer you are most comfortable with. You can even make up one yourself that has true meaning for you.