Yin/Yang I
Yang) Running fingers down the small of your back. Unbuttoning bra from behind, kissing your neck. Kissing between breasts and putting a finger in your mouth. You suck on it slowly.

Yin) Kissing you tenderly. My body tingling, feeling the warmth from your hands. Running my tongue back and forth over your finger. Body pulsing forward.

Yang) I lay you down on the bed and slowly undress you with my hands, first your bra, then your pants down your legs slowly.

Yin) Hands grabbing at you pressing into your body. Purring deeply and softly. Nipples are very hard. Biting lower lip.

Yang) Grabbing panties in my teeth and pulling them off slowly. I rub your legs all the way down.

Yin) Hips grinding into bed. My hands massaging the back of your thighs. Feeling your warmth and sensing your soul. Majik begins to swirl around the room. I can sense and feel it. My skin tingling with total true passion. The dance of high true love begins. My mind racing filled with colors.

Yang) I tug your socks off your feet one at a time and tickle your ankles and toes. Run my hands up your legs and over your hips and playfully graze your nipples. Then kiss you long and lingering with our tongues flicking each other. Our energies mingle and we become one. Passion incarnate in two beings at once. It overwhelms us and yet we go slow and control it and fondle one another. Always raising up the love, the light, until we cannot stand it any longer and have to merge as one fully.

Yin) I am truly with you in body and soul. I reach up and rub your back, eyes closed. Senses increasing with each moment you caress my body. My lips hungrily searching yours. My tongue alive with lust. My body dripping with desire.

Yang) I enter you and our bodies convulse as the passion runs through both of us and the energies race upwards to the heavens. Our thoughts entranced. Our bodies flowing into each other.

Yin) *Smile* Ahhhhhh, body shaking rising and falling with yours begging you to never let go. Losing all sense of where my body starts and where yours ends. My heart is melting and rising in your embrace. Time and space seem endless.

Yang) My hands clasp the sheets in impassioned fire. We surge and taste each other and visions of true reality mingle in our minds as we hold the thoughts of pure love and ecstasy in our mind and heart and bodies at once.

Yin) Mind racing bursting with praises for Spirit, God and Goddess. I worship all and in this moment, in this embrace know we are all together we are all one. Pure energy and light surrounding us, I send forth to heal all that are hurting. All who are in pain. Feeling the great power from without and more from within.

Yang) Our passion consumes our worlds and nothing but the fire remains as we surge into untold heights. We send out a burst of love for all the world as we merge with the infinite and one scream of pure bliss erupts from us as one long song of freedom, joy, love, and oneness.

Yin) It is our souls singing finally remembering the union they long for when they journey and learn separate from each other. I am quivering. The shell of my body can hardly contain the power and true energy I feel. I am alive!!

Yang) We grasp each other and know such pure joy as the energies leave us in exhaustion and enter into the world and lessons both its fear and pain. A smile mingles on the downtrodden and the selfish give a helping hand to a stranger in need. We fall into oblivionís embrace and kiss once more as healing sleep overcomes our minds and our souls dance the freedom of spirits up into the ethers as we dream of the world as one.