The Dragon: Chapter II
Chapter Two
Drago Draconus

As Suzanne walked in the extremely dim light her eyes saw everything in front of her. Her once demure eyes opened with clear purpose and her feet moved across the hall even though she made no more then a soft shuffle upon the flag stones. Her stride quickened and she left the hall and entered a series of long passageways ending in a glowing red room with a wall of flames at the opposite doorway. She walked to the flames without hesitation and then through them. The flames licked about her as if trying to find something to feed on, to consume. But they found no hold and then she was through them.

The lair were very different on this side of the wall of fire. And Suzanne was soon different also as her human form stepped into the vast mountain cavern and in a burst of magical energy she merged into the shape of a huge golden dragon. The blue eyes of the beast shone, and yet had not changed as the lids blinked in the light of the chamber, it’s wings lifted and it hurled itself into the air.

Touching down lightly on the cliff ledge, the dragon transformed and Suzanne stood there again. She entered her personal chambers and the room of globes.

She had lied about forgetting the globe. Their special type of magic worked best when the globe was accepted as a gift. She moved towards the globes which were much larger then the one she had given the newly arrived girl, and were clear as the crystal they were made of. She went over to one of them and peered within. Clearly she could see a form huddled on the bed under the covers. No sound issued from the globe, so the dragon in human form could not hear the sobbing of her prisoner.

She moved to the next globe and saw a man strapped to the bars of his cell. His room was scarce, with no bed, just a small bench with the globe from which she spied on him from her lair. He was naked from head to toe and the sweat dripped off his long limbs. His penis lay limp and yet the sweat dripping off his chest was slowly dripping to the floor from his flacid member.

He seemed to be recovering from his wounds nicely and would probably wake in the next day or so. The healing potion she had forced down his unconscious throat had done it’s work, but had the side affect of rendering the patient asleep for many days while it’s magic coursed through their veins.

She was curious about this one. It had been awhile since a knight had challenged her in her own lair, and to single combat no less. If it had been a large group of knights, which had been the case in the past, she would have just rained fire on them from the skies and been done with it. The silly fools. She wondered if this man was like to them. But already she knew he was different, fair and noble and if very stupid, extremely brave. Which was why she had spared him after only breaking his legs and eating his horse. The horse had died when she had crushed it beneath him in battle.

She had taken the splints off just the day before and felt the bones beneath his flesh making sure they were mended. She had been aroused by the feel of him. Yes, it had been along while since she had captured a knight. She sighed to herself, yes this one could be a lot of fun. She licked her lips in anticipation, her eyes shining.

She turned to another globe nearby and saw a petite naked woman laying on her bed as if asleep. A small hand written card in front of the globe read, ‘Penina’, the girl’s name. Penina had been with her for nearly a year now. It had taken her several months for her to seduce the virginal girl, but now they were frequent lovers. In fact she wondered sometimes if Penina didn’t guess the truth. These days she seemed to flaunt her sexuality and give her much to watch when she spied on her. Even now she stirred as if she had been sleeping and waiting for her. She opened her eyes a crack and slowly moved her hands across her naked form. One hand came to rest upon her belly, the other cupping her breast lightly and then grazing the nipple. Suzanne watched her back arch and even though she could hear nothing through the visions in the glass, she could see her mouth open and knew that she had let a soft moan escape her. Suzanne felt the tingling between her own legs at the sight of her. Her nipples now hard and extended, Penina continued to caress them. Her other hand sliding down her belly and over her soft brown pubic hair. The fingers slipped lower and touched her sex ever so gently. Her mouth opened again and Suzanne watched fascinated.

‘Hmmm’, she thought. ‘I will have to work on the knight to take her virginity from her. Penina is such a lovely girl and I find myself feeling for her. She certainly pleases me the most of my captives and I would never harm her. She has earned her freedom long before this. I will have to keep her at least another year though. I would not give up so quickly on such fun.’

This meant that in another year Penina would wake up one morning near a campfire, with a saddled horse and a bag of gold. Usually somewhere on the other side of the world. It would be impolite to have a captive return to their village and expose her as a dragon that ate her maidens in other ways. It would spoil all her fun and make her work that much harder.

She focused again on Penina in the globe and licked her lips. She purred like a cat. Penina was now on all fours and sliding two fingers in and out of her vagina. The glistening lips, red and extended, the muscles under her legs tightening as she thrust her fingers in and out of her sex, faster and harder. Her long brown hair was thrown back over her shoulders and laying on her back. Her other hand, could not be seen, but Suzanne fantasized that she was pinching her rose colored nipples with it.

The wetness beneath Suzannes legs had grown. Slowly her hand grazed against the cloth of her dress and she felt her hard nipple beneath it. Her eyes glazed over for a second in delight.

‘I think it is time for Penina’s lunch.’, she said out loud to no one in particular.