Malthrin Introduction
   At this time, I am called Malthrin. Perhaps a strange statement, but in my life I have been known by many different names. Some titles of honor, some rather infamous from those who knew not any other name for me. For in my long life, I have been both hero and villian, alas. I played each role with a furver. Morality was never something that held me back from what I needed to do. Morals be damned. But again looking back now, I wonder at times if I have given up too much, gone too far at times. I have seen so much, done so much. I had seen those of tremendous power walk the land who some would call gods, had even vied with them for power. Some would say that I had lost. For even now I write my story on my deathbed. A young scribe leaning over me and writing each word as I speak, through gritted teeth and the pain of many wounds. Those who have conquered me at last, still do not understand me. They think me dead and dieing, and although I do have to agree on this account, it does not mean I will go quietly into the darkness. Nay indeed. I will at the least have the satisfaction of them knowing my story, my drive, my passions and my sorrows. And until my last breath my enemy will remain my enemy and I shall taught them and defy them until I cannot. Then I shall find out if the fool priests know anything of anything, or just mumble for power over others. Whether I find eternal darkness, or paradise at the end of the last great mystery of life. It will end soon and here my tale begins. Judge me not until you know the whole of it, and if you judge me harshly, indeed of even that I care not. For I have done what I felt right. As I said, 'Morals be damned', and to you also my reader, damn your own goodness and folly if you cannot relate to me once done.

                                                                       --- Corison, Champion of the Blade, Ruler Elite of The City of Grass
                                                                           The Night Scurge, The Red One, The Most High of The Low,
                                                                           The Day Blade, who taught and instructed the Lost Daughter of
                                                                           The Telumaster, who taught her darkness, and pain.
                                                                           Malthrin, Conquerer and Ruler of Both Kikatan and Reon.
                                                                           And at the last, The Sundered One, vanguished by Jha'a in the end.