Malthrin II
I found myself contemplating this as I visited Haistia that evening. She listened to what I had heard.
'The keeper says it will instruct me', I said to her, 'Perhaps we can defend ourselves after all.'
'Corison', she smiled, 'Do you really think we could learn this?'
I asked her what she ment by this and she explained.
'I mean, look at us, look at our people. They are used to a life of leisure. A life of comforts.', She explained.
'We must at least try something', I exclaimed. 'If we do nothing we will end up like the Rolling Hills Tower. To do nothing is to die. If we do something, there is chance of avoiding that death.'
She sighed and took my hand, 'If you are this adamant about it I will help you as I can. Perhaps even train with you. I don't know how much support we will get from others though, unless the keeper orders training for all or something more drastic happens.'
At this I tried to look hurt, but she knew it was only feigned. 'You forget my father has not yet returned. He and his men
could already be our first casualties. It has already begun'. I did not want to lie to her, and even if I did, it wouldn't have mattered. She already knew I did not care for my father, and actually was happy that he was gone, even gone for good.
She answered me, 'Well whatever the case, I think we can at least get a few other friends to join us. The youth of the city have not yet settled into comforts as our parents have, and some, like myself, are even restless from it.'
'Thank you dear. I won't forget this. I start learning tomorrow from the keeper. Even now it is creating wooden weapons for training. Perhaps soon it will make real ones for fighting.'
She suddenly changed the subject, 'You know you are different then the rest of us Corison.'
'In what way?!', I replied, somewhat surprised.
'You know, the drive, the passion. Certainly you didn't get that from your parents.'
'Maybe from my father somewhat. He was brave enough to enter the unknown lands. I fear I will have to do this many times before my task is done.' I reached out for her other hand. Our hands touched and I drew her to me and we embraced. Something inside her said that we would never share a life together. A tear fell from her eye but I did not notice, nor would I have understood for I never cried.