Elder III
Chapter 2:

Second Ascension:

Beyond the gate of worlds, in the furthest reaches of the known spheres, I found a world that seemed as a paradise, but one lost in time. The creatures upon it were like many that inhabited the known worlds, but with a difference. Here they did not age and were in a sense immortal. They also were not split into male and female counterparts like all other creatures. Here all creatures were androgynous and only one of each kind existed for they knew not fighting nor turmoil and drew their energy not from the flesh of their dead brethren as all other known species did, but from the strange star which their world circled. I puzzled over this enigma of the world and studied it for many years. The creatures that lived there were not much help for there memories were short. They did not procreate and felt no drive to do anything other then what they had always done. No desires to explore mysteries, to create, or to theorize. They just played in the suns shadows and laughed and enjoyed the days away. Indeed a paradise of sorts, but stale for one such as myself who craved more then mere contentment. 

This world I saw as a roadmap, a starting point for a creator. Here were all things represented even the gods, as everything was immortal, if not wielding the powers that the gods wield. It was like a sketch from which all life sprang. I could feel the creator’s handy work here. I searched long and hard for answers here. In time I found a central starting point, a core pattern, the journey was long and hard and fought with peril even for a god. Under the layers of the world, beyond the lava and layers of stone, I found a chamber.

Within the chamber on a pedestal lay a single stone. Black and pitted it was, and I recognized it as being form from cooled lava. A single stone buried at the heart of the world. Trembling I reached forth my hands and lifted it. I felt the magic and power, which flowed from the stone. I peered within its depths and there I found a message, and my answer; something that had waited eons for someone like myself to discover.  Not written nor carved, it only responded to the magic of the will of a god.

The creator speaks :

You who have found me and discovered the origins of my handiwork, I salute you. It was who made the worlds and all that lies therein. I am the ruler, the creator, and you I will teach. But If I am to teach you truly I must now open your mind to the vastness that is all there is. For it has no end that is known. The matter of the worlds are as one, and that one becomes a number beyond your comprehension.

Beyond the fabric of all these worlds that I have made, there are other places, places which are not of my making. For unto each there is a grand being, a creator. One as powerful as myself, though some of lesser and those of greater degrees. And each sings their own song of creation; a verse that stretches across time and beyond time. And we all join together and sing as a chorus of voices the great verse of all. This you will in time come to join, for you have found that which I left, the clue for those who may become as me in time. ‘

A light shown from the stone, and then through it a doorway of shimmering power sprang. I did not know where I was going, where the doorway led, but steeling my resolve and knowing I would never know illusive contentment now, I placed the stone back into the heart of the world and entered through the shimmering doorway. It closed behind me and I was no longer of the worlds of the gods. I became more once again. I became part of a song I had not known existed.