Elder II
Chapter 1:

The created

I have within my time known many things. Once I had been a mortal, a mere man of much resolve and much greatness, or so I surmised. And with my talents, which were many, I grew to manhood and great intellect. But always I felt alone. My mother bathed me as a child and ensorcelled my body with spells of protection with songs of love. My father taught me how to wield weapon and act, as a man should, with honor and courage. I learned from scholars and magicians, from soldiers and peasants alike. Within my mind I wished to change the world to my own vision. I saw many things that I felt were wrong, the cruelty of many. I knew that with my own special gifts I could correct many mistakes, or at the least force those who did not share my vision to do my will. Thereafter I yearned for power. I called many of those whom I called friends and colleges to my side. It is funny how they would follow me. For having not the vision I had, nor the talent, they wished to believe that I could make things right. Many found their deaths instead of paradise. The story is long and twisting tale with little room to tell it here. Let me just say that in the end I disrupted even the work of the gods themselves, destroying one of their kind in my bid for power. I did this with an object of power I had been given by a loyal soldier.

The gods took notice then and sent their many peoples against me in force.  Many died, many noble deeds and fearful acts were committed, but eventually a stalemate resulted. I was soon after visited by the goddess of fallen tears in a dream and given a choice. Either I could continue in my course and be in time utterly destroyed by the gods of the world, or I could join with them as one of their kind and cease my campaign.

Long did I ponder this and in the end the vision of all I held dear to me being crushed into nothingness persuaded my choice. Standing before my friends I declared to them the new way, and the gods took me. My ascension was to my followers quite glorious. Before them I burned away with the light of the sun in my being, as immortality and godhood were bequeathed upon me.

I found myself within the chambers where the gods met and discussed the ruling of the worlds of mortals. I had become more then I ever imagined and although once their foe, I know became their brethren. I put aside my hatred for them as I learned how things truly were behind the curtains. It was a glorious time.

I found out years later that many of them were once mortals themselves, who through greats acts of sufferance or glory, were given the light of the eternal spirit and became immortals. Thousands of years passed as I watched my old mortal friends die of old age and I brought many of them my new home in the land of the gods. Even those who had died in my service long ago I found and brought back with me. In dieing for my cause I let none go un-rewarded.  The worlds of the gods were strange to me, but as the millennia passed I became accustomed to it. They fought at times like men, and I learned that immortal they may be, but even the gods can die at times. I now knew the solutions to the mysteries that plagued mortals, but was surprised to find that some mysteries even the gods could not fathom. And in time I came upon the great-unknown mystery of all.

Some gods, their oldest and wisest, it seems were never born as mortals, but remember being created as such by a being, which even they are left with few words to describe. Seldom is this being spoken of, but most refer to it as the creator, or the ruler of all. The title seemed a misnomer, as no one had even seen this creature since those first gods were created.

I strove to unravel this mystery. I found worlds older then the oldest worlds and I studied the soil and the creatures that lived there, asking many questions. I neglected my legions of followers and friends, and I felt the need to raise one of them upwards to immortality. I chose one of my most worthy of loved ones. She who had long ago given me the object of power with which I killed a god and in time gained my new existence. Raising her up, she tended to my homes on many worlds, and to my spirit friends and their mortal children. I on the other hand was freed to pursue what had become my obsession.