Elder I
The First World

Listening with silent resolve to the turning of the globe, the beautiful being felt within itself the surge of creation. Where before molten rock, its creation of ages before, the creature formed solid rock, cooling the fabric of matter. The rock steamed as the gases of ages left it and it became something else under the guidance of the creator.  Molding with the power of its will, the ruler moved through the layers it imagined to be and the lava formed into crystallized shapes and colors. Each shape contrasting the others and the glory of gold sprang forth and the clarity of diamonds sparkled in the night on the bleak and barren world. 

The elementals of the winds curled about the new wonders and marveled at something never before seen in creation.

Times and ages passed, the new formed learned and moved slowly. Each individual creature in time developed a subconscious, an urge, a reaction only. The lowest form of intelligence, but a start. The void around it remained unchangeable, irresolvable, until the Ruler appeared again.

Once again he put forth his will, this time not stopping in the creating urge but savored it and the crystals formed living matter that like the elementals before it became intelligent. The many forms sprang forth from each layer of reality as they were touched by the mind of the being.  At first the forms were tiny, as miniscule as the elementals and as subtle as to be nearly missed, but slowly more and more complex creatures began forming; creatures of water, those who float on the winds, and finally those who walk the lands. The crescendo of the creation surged within the mind of the creator and it felt the creation taking on a life of its own. The mind reached a crescendo, the pinnacle. Triumphantly and in splendor creatures both magnificent and large took shape from the less complex ones with each being more and more powerful and intelligent in its own being. Until at the last before the will of the creator stood thinking conscious beings, which could basically comprehend its creator. It was then that the surge of power declined and slowly vanished and lying before the ruler an infinity of creatures crawled, and flew and swam. The creatures moved and stirred, a multitude of variations.

The will of the ruler created copies of each creature, divided them in two, and placed them on the many worlds. The creatures of water into the seas of stars, those of land onto the shore of the spheres, and those of air where shown the heavens. In the beginning it was so.