Earth Journeys II
It was intended and decided, with a heavy heart, that the graduates of the light (mostly Ariens, a handful of Marduks, and a small amount of First cycle Humans) would be moved to another world for love lessons, the next stage of their development. But a strange thing happened. Many of those who had graduated had keen insights and individuality of such a high degree, not before known at this stage in spirit development. It seemed that the hammer on anvil affect of the living in the Earth produced for those who graduated far reaching spirituality. They were truly compassionate and hence many decided that they would not leave the Earth without the rest of humanity. Given the free will choice, and because they were from Earth, no special persmissions of the creators was needed, and they took once again the plunge into the Earth, hoping beyond hope they could help bring about eden there.

The cycle began again. Yet also remember that new souls from the animal kingdom, just gaining individual selves, and having graduated to the next level of their development moved into the realms of the human species and swelled the incarnations that the Earth cared for. The melting pot affect began and Mardukians, Ariens, First cycle Humans, and Second cycle Humans merged into one and became a very unique and strange race among the inhabitable planets of the stars. It was at this time that many wanderers were given persmission to incarnate into the world and help those souls screaming to the creator to save them from the traps of fear of the Earth. I decided that I would be among them, mostly because I had been involved with the Earth so long ago, and because of my special skills of transmuting negative energies, which some call healing. Wanderers from all realms incarnated except the creators realms, so lights of love, wisdom, and even a handful of masters walked the world from time to time. They merged also with humanity and brought light where ever they went, battled the darklight on a subtle level en couraged by example.

However these souls had no idea how bad the Earth had been drivin down by fear, and many wailed and were drawn into the race and forgot their own cycles and worlds. Many of love and some of wisdom were lost into the materiality of humanity. The higher realms knew something needed to be done, so to combat this loss of their own legions, it was instructed and expected that all higher aware souls who incarnated would be given a mantle that covered them and made then feel different then everyone else in the world. A mantle of not belonging there. This stopped the loss of love and wisdom souls to fear, but made their job harder and more tragic as many were never truly happy while incarnated. Many of them cut their own incarnations short, until after many lives they learned to balance this worlds fear, and do what they had come to the Earth in the first place to perform.

This all said, I will now tell of my own tale. My own dark and light passages on the Earth that I had once known as paradise, but had become a world of broken hearts and lost dreams.