Earth Journeys I
I remember my world from which I grew up in stature to become a soul truly self realized. Before I knew who I was I remember little, except for the few times when in deep silent meditation I caught glimples of those times. My family, my race, even my world was a place of wonder. We had grown up to become who we were, a true and noble people. We helped each other in all things, having learned both the selfish and the selfless. We had gone through truly evil times within our history. We had ages of war and famine as selfishness played itself out within our souls and our wisdom slowly grew.

Many were the great teachers, those from other worlds or even our own who were well advanced on their own path and helped many take a closer look at the light within themselves. I was not one of them, but with their help I attained a true enlightenment which I shared and experienced with my brothers and sisters. I was content in this, but as we grew as a people and began to reach other worlds and obtain new heights of wisdom, more became required of us. Many worlds, less advanced and on their own path were in dire need of teachers. My work changed for the good of theres. In galaxtic terms I became a wanderer. One of those who travels from world to world to help souls reach the next level of attainment, of awareness.

Two thousand millenium had passed and I grew in my stature as one of many who had fine tuned this world changer art. For indeed it was a subtle art, for it was very easy to lose ones way and impinge on the free will of others. In our desire to help, most have at one time or another crossed over this line. But in time we learned how to control that urge and let what happen, happen. We helped as little as we could and were glad with that, and always we succeeded in bringing enlightenment to the worlds we visited for a time in physical form. I remember twenty such worlds I was involved in, seeing and living through the dawn of a whole new level of awareness into the realms of love, that we had helped usher in. We thought highly of ourselves and confident in our abilities. That was of course until we encountered the Earth.

This was kind of funny since I knew Earth. Once long ago, about a million years or so, I had been part of a team of souls who had helped to create new forms of matter upon this world when it was in it's infant stages. I helped with small animals and plants to grow them into groups that could house souls. My work had gone on for a thousand years, not very long to make vast changes, but we knew our ultimate goal and time ment nothing. I had grown out of touch with this world. I was soon to find out a great deal of the changes that had happened since I had left.

You see, when the Earth had grown in awareness, As the souls of it's inhabitants had prospered into thinking beings, it had graduated to the next dimension. The dimension of selflessness and selfishness. One of it's greatest animal species was chosen to be transformed. To hold within it's new frame the souls of truly enlightened souls, at least at that level. And those souls gave themselves names and soon after selfishness began to emerge, which so often happens upon so many worlds.

Earth was unique in that it had two other sister planets which were also inhabited by races of this same level of development. Marduk was the home world of this race for it was all one people, yet some had migrated to it's neighbor world, known as Aries. Earth was considered still a backwater, if beautiful world, and Mardukians only used it as a place to get away. The Marduk people however were hard pressed to overcome the selfish tendencies. Eventually they failed in their attempts as they made weapons of mass destruction and upon a fateful day lead by a mad conquerer, they destroyed their world.

The souls who had not been fortunate enough to have been on Aries, or the few on Earth, at that time lost their physical forms, but were also trapped upon the astral plane within a storm of chaos of their own creation. I was told that it was many years before they were freed of this storm. Not one soul was left to this fate, and the forces of selflessness slowly freed them, of thos horror on non-existance and internal torture. Meanwhile the world of Aries had grown in stature, but because of the destruction of Marduk, it's atmosphere had been compromised and it's people mostly lived underground to survive. Although they had come originally from Marduk, they had nearly completed the selfishness cycle of creation, being left to their own devices and the worst of the Marduks trapped within the storm. Living with the consequences of their own actions had brought this about.

The forces of light had a major delema however. It was decided that those souls from Marduk who had been freed, would be allowed to incarnate on the Earth. The Earth's inhabitants had grown in stature if not yet in wisdom or love and they would be upon the same cycle as Marduk had been before it was destroyed. Many caretakers of Earth protested this move. Marduk had been well advanced and it's people especially selfish before the end of their world. They feared that they would enslave the quieter, more gentle people of Earth, or at the least bring destruction to their cycle as well.

The Marduk people were questioned at soul level and made an agreement. If the Earth was faced with destruction, they would allow the forces of good to interfer and avert it. Because this agreement was made at a soul level, it could be kept and not infringe upon the free will of the people of Earth. After this, it was a requirement that all souls who incarnated upon Earth would agree to before incarnating. A political agreement of sorts, but for the peoples of Earth, it was a harsh verdict. The Marduk incarnations began.

Those from Marduk began to treat the people of Earth as lesser beings then themselves. They were movers and shakers, conquerors, selfish and greedy. They enslaved the lessers ones, and turned the leaders into pawns of their own designs. The sons and daughters of sorrow immediately realized their mistake, and to balance this onslaught they were given permission to incarate in human form and true Gods and Goddess', souls from the realm of Masters and even a few Creators, walked among humans and taught them and fought against the tyranny that those of Marduk had manifested.

Sometime passed, fifty thousand years or so. The people of Aries began to die out. Their atmosphere almost gone, they pleaded to the stars and the rulers of light. Because they were almost at the end of their cycle of awareness and ripe for graduation in a 10,000 years or so, they were also granted permission to begin incarnating on Earth. Many think that this is the only reason the indiginous people of Earth survived. As the slow migration of Aries souls came to Earth, many of the Ariens, who had grown much in stature spiritually became students of the Gods and Goddess' who walked the world, and a  balance, between the light and darklight, was achieved. Soon after many of the Dieities left the world or stopped incarnating, knowing that Earth would now need to learn by itself. A select few remained and guided their students from time to time.

This was until something unforeseen began to occur. Fear, which up until then had always been a basic instinct of survival with the human species, turned and used for hatred, power, control, and other foul deeds done by those of Marduk; began to manifest in the world as a physical force. Not all Mardukians were selfish though, and indeed a small few of them began to grow and some turned into disciples of the sons & sisters of the light. But those who did not, worshipped and increased this fear, until eventually it covered the entire world and affected every living thing that grew upon it. It hampered growth tremendously, and especially for those souls indigenous to the Earth.

So because of this, when the cycle ended, the harvest was pitifully small for those souls ready to move onto the realms of love. Not nearly enough for the Earth to move there too. Those of the worst souls of Marduk however graduated in paths of selfishness and were moved into the realms darklight. There they began learning of their own selfish love among higher dark angles worse then themselves.