Return To Tomorrow

After ages of forgetfulness finally let loose
We tried to forget and tried to remember
So deep and buried and yet so close
The memory is with us forever
We shall not forget
The world is so bad and cruel
And yet we made it
From other lives in other times it sprang
Maybe it is as it was meant to be
Had it been planned long long ago
By higher ones who are ourselves

We are warned to take heed
To stop these foul deeds
Change we must and not fall under
Though the world move and the ground shudder
We must rise up to prove we can
Are we not sons of God not sons of men
Powerful until the end

For he will come who came before
He who was with us way back when
The man of love who tells the forgotten lore
Has came to raise us up again

The night is cold and barren and still
But we shall not fear
For the master guides us over the hill
His hand will lead us to a glorious end
For ends bring beginnings
And the ravaged earth we'll then mend
Until it's seen from heaven glimmering