Times there were when I'd sit and stare
For hours upon end at pages so fair
Til all was done and the last page turned
Then I'd sit alone and silently yearn
To be in the lands that are so fair
To be parted from them I cannot bare
For a part of me has become the tale
And I want to be free to valiantly sail
Through streams of time and oceans of thought
Where everything rhymes and peace always sought
I promise myself one day I'll fill
The empty bookshelf of my minds will
Usinf it then to travel at will
To were and til when until my urge is fulfilled
With songs I've sung and deeds I've done
Though my heart be torn and I may well grieve
But as sure as I'm born I will then leave
I think of this all as the light goes out
I let the book fall cause I no longer doubt
It's memory I will forever keep
As I dream of it and silently sleep