Song of the Heart

When gittering lanterns begin to fade
Turning the green of the forest to darkest jade
When the light of the elves is no longer seen
And the giant eagles sight no longer keen
When the rustle of trees and fallen leaves
By the druids of old are no longer grieved
When dwarves of stone in their caverns lay
And open not their doors to the light of day
When magic has left on the autumn breeze
And by the chill of the world you've been seized
When the frost completely covers the ground
And the flowers of spring can no longer be found

Then will the world seem harsh to me

When friends are few
And with the sunlit morning dew
The crystal rivers cease to run
And beauty and peace seem completely undone

Then will longing start to consume
The hearts of those who wade in it's gloom
And they will create their own world of joy

And cover it in starry nights and songs of old
That around moonlit fires are bravely told
With people of great honor who are brave
That are not dead and in the grave
Where the truth of a friend means more than gold
And people look up to those who are bold

Then will the elves begin to peer
Through the branches to see what is here
The eagles again will begin to soar
With the hunter once again no more
The druids will once more appear
And robes of green leaves they will again wear
The dwarves will then open their cavern doors
And see a world of the days of yore