Shadow Raven

Crystals sing
Speak thy word
The fairies laugh
Giggles heard
And joy and gladness
Playful glow
Shines magic from
The heart to know

Raven's cry
Croaking scream
Fevered pitch
Borders dream
Into the world
Of troubled souls
Your cry heard
In shadows goal

Rock of ancients
Stony face
Noble gesture
And their grace
In tantric bliss
Touching feel
Coyotes yelp
Wolves howl to heal

Mortals of change
You know so well
Help along the way
To heal and tell
Skull and bones
Skins your favor
Indeed truly respect
Deaths savor

Moving forward
Into hopes sped
Be known thy
Whirling path ahead
And magic born
In winds chime
Restore spirits
Uplift divine