Thoughts & Words

Some distance for a time as we part
You will always be there within my heart

But the place of love will never die
Perfection on earth does not lie

I know what I want I must now confess
For my future will be great, regardless

I know with all I AM that this is true
Yet I so much want to spend it with you

Love at first sight that I would never guess
And it began as a shooting star no less

A love more deep then I have ever done
To leave you and go would take away the sun

But learning and finding I know we must depart
To do what needs doing, find a new start

I see all my dreams and see myself from inside
I know that my love is so deep I cannot hide

From it's power and expression and style
I feel distance between us in more then miles

And I curse myself for baby steps that seek
For when I'm with you I seldom speak

Fearing perhaps because of futures unknown
And past choices that leave us alone

Of my spiritual side, my truest gift
My life on earth, to help uplift

The said is said of your souls rise
The worlds pain I see in your eyes

But I feel that when you look at me
You wonder if I will do what others have done

Love can be fleeting, for some it can smother
And have it fade and turn to something other

I see not the future. I do not foretell
But to feel you distant, an empty well

I will be with you and no one else
I cannot say what lies in store

But this I know, And what I AM
I will think of you, Until the end.