Sensuous Love

A kiss, and yet so much more
Begins our love down on the floor

A touch a caress and warm soft hug
And kiss lower, hair gentle hard tug

Souls energy raised
Glassy eyed daze

Stroke and caress my sweet
Fingers tips slowly patient heat

Tease and please in selfless height
Hot breath near thy ear delight

Flowing tongue breast so bare
Kissing, pinching, touching near

Flowing rivers and nirvana silent
Playing fair mingling no relent

Our hands entwined, rhythm bodies one
Sensuous love of mingled souls fun

Rising up as the tides of the sea
We pour forth our cries joyous be

And hug and surge exhaustions bliss
We breath sighs into our last kiss

Bathed in sweat into oblivions face
Finding sleep our quiet embrace