The Meeting

Winds of cold, rain of ice
No fires of gold, but evils vice
Trail of despair, black of night
A heroes road, a foe to fight

Helm of iron, spear of steel
A bargain made, a soul to heal
Eyes of purpose, will of might
A maiden's hand, a wrong to right

Cave of night, mouth of dread
Not a bird sand, nor insect sped
Rotten trees, a mountain dead
The demon's lair, a terror's bed

The bards sing of a challenged cry
The demon came forth, to do or die
It's talon's cold, to kill and rend
Fangs of poison, a brave man's end

Shield of silver, glint of mail
Spear raised high, not to fail
Hair of bronze, jaw of stone
Hand of power, one man alone

The charge begun, to do or fail
And two foes meet, with a demon's wail
Steel struck hide, claws bit mail
The battle begun, a furious gale

Shield smashed, crushed in claw
Spear went true, piercing jaw
Hellfire's keen, eternal bed
Black blood's flow, the demon, dead.