Glory Reborn

Our bloodied rain
To piercing stain
Looming so large
Horses thunder charge
Slashing with blade
Make crimson shade
My ancesters true
Guide me through

My fathers dream
deaths choking scream
The generals bane
From Emperor insane
Yet freedoms ride
Pained fever cried
My family dead
All hopes sped

Rebirthed in hell
Hearts empty well
To Gladiators role
My death risen toll
Slew hatreds rage
Oh unhappy cage
Mobs immoral fun
Into arena begun

Met prides stare
Revenge so aware
I'm no fools toy
His mad wish destroy
End his pets
My destiny set
Hopes future main
Soon end his reign

Senators plan waged
With hatreds sage
My servants ghost
Rejoined army host
And yet waylayed
My brothers betrayed
All hopes end
My death to send

And yet the fool
Use me his tool
Punctured lung deep
Souls breaths weep
And yet I hold
Fight forever bold
Slashed blades apart
Doomed from the start