Perhaps it was his calm talk
And as he listened he became caught

Within the cold hearted icy stare
Of a soul who to himself only cared

And yet he tried his best
And dug down deep, he would atest

To server this one from will alone
Drawing blood from a stone

Then the line was drawn as we say
The person told him one day

Sorry but we had to let you go
Budget cuts and all you know

I stuck up for you, he lied
I told them if you left so did I

And yet a true friend said, 'No way'
He dumped you to save his pay

And in the end when all was done
The disgruntled soul bought a gun

And found the one who did him wrong
He begged for forgiveness, 'I will atone'

Aimed and fired and brought him down
'Let me live!' the bleeding clown

But mercy was killed long, long ago
The blood did fly and he did know

As the hammer fell with mingled fate
So shall we reap our own souls hate